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Current Obsession | New Lovers Book Series


This week's CURRENT OBSESSION: New Lovers– a book series devoted to publishing new works of erotica, brought to life by legendary artist Paul Chan. If you thought Fifty Shades got you hot and bothered, wait until you sink your teeth into these puppies. The first three titles were released this spring and promoted at Chan's solo exhibition "Nonprojections for New Lovers" at NYC's Guggenheim Museum. More coming this fall!

Why the obsession? All titles in this series are written by women authors [obsessed!] and explore the complexities of contemporary life, culture, and art. Chan has managed to find stories that cater to our generation's curiosity and new sexual vocabulary. Each quick read will transport you into a different storyline and relationship dynamic that will leave you craving for more. Why not treat yourself to this eye-opening literary experience, right? Luckily these naughty novels are small enough that you can take them anywhere. My suggestion– story time with your girlfriends...don't forget the wine!


How To Train Your Virgin by Wednesday Black
New Lovers series No.1
The queen of a mythical realm realizes that her king now prefers the bodies of inexperienced human virgins to her own. His insatiable appetite threatens the kingdom and everything the queen holds dear. She plots to seduce and deflower the two humans the king favors, but her plans backfire in spectacular fashion. What will become of her marriage? Her kingdom? Her virgins?

We Love Lucy by Lilith Wes [MOST POPULAR]
New Lovers series No.2
On the night of her 30th birthday, Lucy’s best friend Nicholas gives her just what she’s always wanted—the chance to watch him and his handsome boyfriend James get it on in the flesh. But what happens when Nicholas’ gift merely whets her appetite? When a feast for the eyes leaves her heart and body famished, how far will Lucy go to satisfy her hunger? And what will it mean for their friendship?

God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Andrea McGinty
New Lovers series No.3
Eva is a hot mess. When her promising art career in New York takes a plunge, she enters rehab and finds sobriety—but not peace of mind. She escapes to Europe and loses herself in one hook up after another using Bangly, the newest dating app. She meets a run-of-the-mill Finnish curator and thinks it’s love. Or is it just wanderlust?

New editions coming this Fall...promise to let you know when!

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