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Lip Ready

By far, this winter has been the worst season I've experienced since moving to NYC three years ago. Apart from the flat hair days, smeared make-up, and snow-soaked clothes– my lips have also taken quite a beating! Who's haven't, though? While I unfortunately am not blesses with DSLs, I still pride myself on ensuring that these baby lips are smooth, supple kissing tools.

This past month, I've noticed that my usual regimen of repeated lip balm application isn't cutting it. Since I'm recently single, it is time to step up my game and be lip ready at a drop of a hat. So, where does a girl turn to during a lip emergency, you ask? Sephora, of course!

Last week, I ditched my coworkers during our usual gossip-filled walk home, and stopped by my local Sephora. I had one mission, and one mission only: to revive my lips! With this in mind, I headed straight to the Fresh section and loaded up on goodies.

Here's what made the cut: 

Fresh Sugar Lips Polish | Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy | Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

These three little miracle potions worked their magic overnight. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing your lips will feel after a deep lip polish. How has it taken me 26 years to discover this baby? The only downside of the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is that it taste so good you'll want to eat it...or at least not wash it off. But pace yourselves girls, this product can only be used two to three times a week. For instant gratification, reach for the Fresh Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment. Like your average balm, this can be used throughout the day. One quick swipe delivers enriching moisture and amazing shine to that suffering pout. Once combined with the twice-a-day Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advance Therapy, you'll forget all about the zero-degree weather and start thinking about your next steamy twosome!