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Pretty With A Purpose | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I know what you’re thinking...we're halfway through the month and I decides to jump on the bandwagon to write about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. See the truth is that with how crazy fast our lives are the month passed me by and I haven't been able to wrap up this post! So lets do this thing, shall we? Lets slow things down, take a break from our crazy lives, and help make a change...

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Current Obsession | Givenchy Beauty

Lets talk about every girl's morning routine...we wash our face, apply moisturizer, and then turn to what we hope is a good color matched foundation. Lets be real, finding a good color match is a pain and rarely happens, especially for a girl with olive undertones like myself...

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Lip Ready

By far, this winter has been the worst season I've experienced since moving to NYC three years ago. Apart from the flat hair days, smeared make-up, and snow-soaked clothes– my lips have also taken quite a beating! Who's haven't, though? While I unfortunately am not blesses with DSLs, I still pride myself on ensuring that these baby lips are smooth, supple kissing tools...

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